The process of Zombification is a detailed and intricate one. Leaving the science behind, here is what you will go through in our Zombie Transformation Centre (ZTC).

  • Stage #1

    Brushing your face and body a wonderful shade of corpse colour.

  • Stage #2

    Contouring your face for a drop dead sunken look.

  • Stage #3

    Blending your eyes for that smouldering smokey style.

  • Stage #4

    Styling and mangling your hair.

  • Stage #5

    Top it off with prosthetic wounds...

  • Stage #6

    ...and a spray of fresh blood.

Zombie Possessions

So you may think that the undead do not own any possessions other than the tattered clothes on their emancipated bodies? Well, they were humans to begin with after all. Here’s a list of possessions you will claim after ravaging the Survivors:

  • Run For Your Lives Event Tee
  • Run For Your Lives Event Bag
  • Infected Medal
  • Special Premiums from our Sponsors

Important Information

Run For Your Lives is slightly different from the usual organised marathons and races. Here are some important things to take note of when coming for the event.

  • What To Bring

    Going to a Run For Your Lives event is like going to a mega Halloween party for Zombies. You will get transformed right on the spot and start getting social through your newly created persona. Here’s a list of things to bring for the event:

    • Your confirmation slip
    • Identification (NRIC, Passport etc.)
    • A set of old clothes for ripping and disfiguring
    • A change of clothing
    • A change of footwear
    • A towel (rinse facilities are available onsite)
    • Money for food and drinks

    Come dressed to impress and stand a chance to win exciting prizes in our Best Dressed Competition.

  • Where To Go

    Unlike a regular running event, there is no separate day to collect your Race Pack. You will head down to the Registration counter on event day itself, to collect your Race Pack which consists of the following items:

    • A Race Bib with safety pins
    • ID Tag

    Head to the ZTC with your old clothes to begin your Zombification process. After a briefing from your Zombie Master, you'll be led out to your zones to begin your undead adventure!

Rules for the undead

Zombies! You will abide by these rules or risk forever being turned into the Undead! Just because you are hungry for brains doesn’t mean that there are no boundaries.

Do Don't
icon_transformation All Zombies are highly encouraged to complete the full Zombie transformation process. icon_alcohol Do NOT bring drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages. Please arrive to your wave time sober.
icon_group Use your speed, if not, overwhelm in numbers. It’s the battle for the living! icon_weapon Do NOT bring weapons, mock weapons, wheel-run objects of transport or any kind of pets to the event premises.
icon_lifelost Zombies may pull off flags from the escaping Survivors, but only one flag at a time. Giving Survivors a (false) hope of survival. icon_violence Do NOT cause direct and intentional physical contact with any Survivor. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund.