Event Officials

Get involved as an Event Official, and take on the role of an Agent Z – keeping the Zombie Apocalypse under control, ensuring both Survivors and Zombies remain within their designated boundaries.

You'll need to be aged 17 or older, with an endless supply of energy and drive to oversee Run For Your Lives. Specialised training and instructions from our Unit Instructors will be provided.

Hand out life-saving fluids to Survivors at water stations, distribute Survivor Supplies and Zombie Possessions, motivate Survivors to keep going and set the tone of a post-apocalyptic environment – the list is non-exhaustive.

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Any and all types of concession vendors are welcome at each Run For Your Lives. Each race, we have a unique group of food, beverage, arts, crafts and vendors and we are always looking for more! Contact us here.

Sponsor & Partnership

Run For Your Lives currently offers a variety of unique and customised sponsorship opportunities. For more information, contact us here.